a cost efficient, bespoke and effective way of streamlining your processes

ConVeno is a specialised Business Process Outsourcing company, managing your day-to-day business functions, providing you with bespoke solutions. 


With our focus on this task we offer you accuracy and consistency so that you can count on the data and make right business decisions.

Administrative SUPPORT

Document Imaging, Form Processing, Document Production & Formatting, etc.

Marketing Support

Preparing and manging your mailing lists and email marketing.

Sales Support

Providing sales support from CRM management to online product/price input management.

Market Research

 Data collection and collation to market/price comparisons.

We work smart so you can work smarter

Working with ConVeno means ensuring that your organisation delivers and completes tasks in the most efficient manner, leaving you to focus on innovation and development.

High-quality and seamless service:

  • Lower cost staff delivering quality and high standard work
  • Simply an extension of your employee resource
  • Cost effective and practical locations
  • Facilitated by straightforward communication technology
  • Easy and quick to commence and scale when required
  • Enjoy continuity of work
  • Increase productivity
  • Delegate tasks

Data & Database Management


We will take care of your database creation, clean-up and maintenance.

Data Entry & Information Management

Data entry is quite a tedious yet one of the most important processes for any enterprise. Using a robust infrastructure with proper security measures in place, you can use your own work-force for core business activities which directly have an impact on their day to day operations and more valuable functions.

Data Migration

Let us focus on the time-consuming data mining & migration – online as well as offline.

Data Extraction & Enrichment

Handling big amount of data is not always easy or straightforward, especially when data is derived from multiple sources. Multiple and wrong entries can have severe implications on decisions further down the line. With our focus on this task we offer you accuracy and consistency so that you can count on the data and make right business decisions.

Other Services

  • Document Imaging
  • Form Processing
  • Document Production & Formatting
    • Powerpoint Presentation
    • Procedures Manual
    • Business Reports
    • Spreadsheet Production
    • Transactional Documents (From order forms to invoices and receipts)
  • Calendar Management
  • Travel/Diary Management
  • Filing
  • Copy Typing
  • Audio Typing
  • Data Entry
  • Data Collection & Collation
  • Market/Desktop Research
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Needs Evaluation
  • Competitor/Sector Intelligence
  • Client Market Reporting
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing & Advertising Support
  • Product Launch Assistance
  • CRM Management
  • Product Uploads & Maintenance
  • Transaction & Sales Processing
  • Procurement & Pricing Support
  • Client Pipeline Management
  • Customer Set Up
  • Contract Management
  • Pre/Post Sales Research/Support
  • Lead Alignment for Import, Export, and B2B Business
  • CRM Management

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